Video How to Apply My Decals

Easy and clean installation of your Wall Decal! Check out our Installation Instruction. This videos shows you, step by step, how to apply vinyl wall decals using one of the easiest methods. Works great for decals of any shape or size.

BASIC RULE: Wipe the desired surface you wish to apply your Decal on with a damp cloth, so the Decal sticks well.

Step #1: Decide where you want to place your Wall Decal ensuring that the surface is smooth, clean and dry.

Step #2: After choosing the final position of the Vinyl Wall Decal, tape it down on 4 corners using masking tape to hold it well in the right place.

Step #3: For larger decals add another strip of masking tape across the center of the Wall Decal. Next, remove the strips of masking tape from the top two corners.

Step #4: Separate the clear application tape from the white backing by making a small incision near the edge which makes it easier to peel off (be careful not to cut the decal itself).

Step #5: Slowly tear off the white backing while ensuring that the Wall Decal sticks on the clear application tape.

Step #6: Use a squeegee (free of charge included in the order) or any card during application of the decal to the wall to ensure that no air bubbles are trapped and make application easier.

Step #7: Finally, remove all the masking tape and repeat Step #4 to #6

Step #8: Now, remove all the clear application tape carefully and Hooray! you`re done!